"Hide and Seek Champion: 2014" Created after the loss of a second Malaysian airliner, I challenged myself to create a humorous cartoon about relevant events in less than 24 hrs.


"Buy A Shotgun" is a caricature study and political cartoon. The image is based off comments made by VP Joe Biden about his condoning of negligently discharging firearms. This was in the wake of the White House's push for another "'assault weapons" ban. 


"Ode to Clown" is an emotive character design project to display a disheartened clown after being financially forced to pawn his unicycle. Just as Emmet Kelly symbolized the depression of the 1930’s, Ode to Clown’s American-flag clown-suit signifies the recent national economic hardships.


"Faster and More Furious" Created in response to the recent “Fast and Furious” scandal and the misuse of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The ATF and DEA gave military weapons to Mexican drug cartels with plans to track them to drug lords. The operation resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican men, women and children, one US boarder patrol agent and thousands unaccounted for weapons in the hands of criminals.


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Copyright © Justin Armstrong, 2014